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Behind feeling fabulous

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

What is it about us woman that we need to feel fabulous all the time? Or at least we think we do! Funny fact is, women can feel fabulous even just wearing body scrub, like i did today. :)

I must say, sometimes, even a nice wonderful scented body scrub, can make you feel absolutely wonderful. It felt like a Japanese garden where i was enjoying myself in a bath filled of tea leaves and sipping from my freshly made matcha tea.

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They say " The Ritual of Chado embraces the art of attention, awakening your soul and inspiring you to live each moment with renewed intent and harmony" and i must say it gives you such an amazing feeling when you still feel this refreshing scent on your body even having finished the shower hours before and you still feel like floating thru green tea plantations somewhere in the mountains of Japan. Having said this, i realize, i definitely have to visit Japan one day, at least try to see and feel what my imagination brought me under the bamboo shower i took today. :))

Relax ..its just a body scrub, yes, true that, one that can make your day a wonderful one and make you feel absolutely fabulous!

...be fabulous.....no matter what!