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Wanna be happy, how?

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Look around you for a moment, no matter where you are, stop and look around, what do you see? I suppose that depends on where you are living, isn't it? I imagine that people leaving at the sea or ocean side are much happier then those who suffocate themselves in big crowded cities where all we do is running around finding the best job, the best house, the best car, the best partner and working 24/7 creating our best life ever. Is that even realistic? Is this what we actually want? There is a saying: Live to work or work to live! What type are you?

I know for sure a few years back i was living to work thinking that a career will make me happy and i will eventually live the life i saw in movies, where you can afford everything and money is not a problem anymore.


Hard work pays off at some point, true or maybe partially true but when you reach the position of financial security you want more, more time for yourself. When i realized, time became rare, i knew i was unhappy, no matter how much i loved my job or how much i wanted to keep pursuing my career, then and there, i knew, this was what unhappiness looked like to me. I knew then, i have to stop living to work and start working to live!

So i changed my behavior, stopped working outside my working hours, turned off notifications for work applications, stopped reading my email, stopped answering my coworkers whenever they wanted something from me and turned off myself out of the working mode you are "lulled" in when dedication takes over you, started enjoying my time off work and cherishing my family time more and more.

There is life after work and after such commitment, we just need to learn how to separate them and how to make this separation not affect us in a bad way. Is it hard? Of course it is, although time does not know what is important to us, we know that time is the most important thing to us so we better start living our best possible and imaginable life that we have right now and right here.

Stop doing what makes you feel unhappy, even if this can't be done suddenly, you can always start with baby steps and at some point if the desire is big, once achieved, there is no better feeling as the feeling of being happy and fulfilled with yourself. Isn't it? :)